Chinmaya Vardhanam Fund

1. What are ways I can support Chinmaya Mission Atlanta on an ongoing basis?
Chinmaya Mission Atlanta has established the Chinmaya Vardhanam Fund to maintain our ashram – Chinmaya Niketan.  
Click Here for the Chinmaya Vardhanam Fund Brochure.


2. How can you help?
You may make a donation at one of the following levels:
Platinum: $100,000 and above
Gold: $50,000
Silver: $25,000
Bronze: $10,000

(A permanent display of the names and levels of sponsorship at the new Center.) Chinmaya Fund lump sum pledge form Please email the form to President Raghu Grandige at

You can also donate any amount from $50 to $1000/mth or $1/day in automatic withdrawals from the donor’s bank account.Monthly Authorization Form   Please email the form to President Raghu Grandige at


3. What are some of the benefits?
The satisfaction of contributing to a very noble cause – making a difference in the lives of generations to come.


4. Is this donation tax-deductible?
Yes. Chinmaya Mission Atlanta is a 501(c)3 non-profit. Your individual tax situation may vary. Hence it is advised you consult your tax accountant for tax deduction eligibility


5. How can one enroll in this fund?
Contact one of the Chinmaya Mission Atlanta Members listed below:

Dr. G. V. Raghu (678) 615-7088
Manhar Valand (678) 432-1201
Anu Nathan (404) 315-1129
Anu Swaminathan (678) 580-3094
Seema Jani (770) 664-5055
Ram Hegde (404) 966-4280
Madhav Durbha (678) 935-0131