Gita Chanting 2018


The Gita Chanting Competition details including guidelines and contact information for Hindu Temple of Atalanta and CMA Niketan will be provided soon.

Please check back for more details

All the verses of the 12th chapter can be downloaded or listened individually. Please follow the links accordingly.
Bhagavad Gita Chapter 12 Audio Files Ch 12 Zip File (.zip 4 MB)
Gita Chapter 12 Audio Files – individual verses (click to play or right click to save file)


verse 1

verse 2

verse 3

verse 4

verse 5

verse 6

verse 7

verse 8

verse 9




verse 13

verse 14

verse 15

verse 16

verse 17

verse 18

verse 19

verse 20


The slokas in English text are below
CH11 E1 CH11 E2 CH11 E3 CH11 E5 CH11 E5 CH11 E6
The slokas in Devanagiri( Sanskrit/Hindi) are below
CH11 S1 CH11 S2 CH11 S3  CH11 S4 CH11 S5 CH11 S6